Digital Health

Top digital health conferences in 2022 to attend

COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in healthcare to help keep up with evolving organizational and patient needs. Furthermore, organizations face increasing pressure to offer digital or digitally enhanced tools and services. To stay competitive, new strategies and ways of working are necessary. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top digital […]

The future of mental health: Changes, challenges and success strategies

Mental healthcare is going through a metamorphosis.  On one hand, cases of mental illness are on the rise.  On the other hand, we are seeing surging investments into digital platforms that are challenging the age-old established practices and shaping the future of mental healthcare through digital mental health solutions. In this article, I outline the […]

7 key actions to generate value with healthcare data and gain a competitive advantage

Healthcare data is key to generate value by unlocking meaningful insights that can help transform healthcare systems and patient care. Until now, it has been difficult to truly leverage the power of data because of its sensitivity. Today we speak with Maximilian Groth of Decentriq, CEO and Cofounder of Decentriq, and Asad Preuss-Dodhy, Data Privacy […]

The shift towards point of care testing for sustainable healthcare

Shifts in population demographics, climate change, and land-use patterns contribute to increased chronic disease prevalence and the potential threat of infectious diseases Point of care testing has paved a new avenue for the future of many health systems to meet the demands of a rapidly transforming ecosystem.  Due to shifts in population demographics, many of […]

Imagine a new future in healthcare

We are on the cusp of a digital revolution that will change the future of healthcare forever, says Dr. Bertalan Meskó, The Medical Futurist. We have the right tools, technologies, and people in place to make it happen – but do we have the courage? Dr. Meskó is confident it can be done.  We live […]